How to Choose the Right Size?

Large Rugs in Chicago : How to Choose the Right Size

Rugs are an excellent complement to any room. They may give a room a new look, , and make it seem cozier. Yet, choosing the right size for your large rug can be difficult. As an industry expert, we have put together this full guide to help you select the perfect size large rug for your area in Chicago.

Measure Your Area

The first step in choosing the right size for a large rug is to measure your space. You want to ensure that the rug fits nicely in the space and does not overwhelm it. Measure the room’s length and width.

Consider Your Furniture

You must consider your furniture while choosing the right size for a large rug. Make sure the rug is big enough to fit all your furniture if you intend to put it on it.  A rug that is too small can make the room look awkward and incomplete.

Choose the Right Size?

Following Basic Rug Placement Guidelines
Following rug placement guidelines can help you choose the right-sized large rug for your area. Let’s see an example: in a living room, a large rug should be placed under the front legs of the furniture. In a dining room, the rug should be large enough to accommodate the table and chairs, even when pulled out.

Choose a Shape

In addition to choosing the right size of large rug, you should also consider the shape of the rug. Rectangular rugs are the most common; however, round and oval-shaped rugs can be an excellent choice for certain settings, but round rugs can add a unique touch to a room. When choosing a rug shape, consider the shape of your room and furniture. Rectangular rugs can help to define seating areas, while round rugs are perfect for highlighting a focal point in the room, such as a fireplace .

Think about the Traffic Flow

Traffic flow is a complex process that is affected by various factors. Another essential factor to consider when choosing the right size of a large rug is the traffic flow in the room. If you have a high-traffic area, you may want to choose a rug like Modern Rugs in Chicago that is durable and easy to clean. Additionally, you should ensure that the rug is large enough to accommodate foot traffic without getting in the way. For this reason, using larger rugs in high-traffic areas of your home is recommended.

Select the Best Material

Choosing the right material for your large rug is just as important as choosing the right size. The material can impact the room’s look and feel and the rug’s durability. Popular materials for large rugs include wool, silk, and synthetic fibers.

Consider the Color and Pattern

Finally, when selecting a large area rug for your home, you should consider the color and pattern of the rug. We suggest you see our selection of Inidan Rugs, traditional and modern, in a range of colors and patterns. It is important to consider how the rug’s color and pattern will fit into your existing décor .

The rug should complement the room’s overall color scheme and add visual interest without overwhelming the space.

In conclusion Choosing a rug can be daunting, but if you consider your existing décor, you’ll be able to pick the perfect rug for your home. Remember to measure your space, consider your furniture, follow basic rug placement guidelines, choose the right shape, consider the traffic flow, choose the right material, and consider the color and pattern. These steps will ensure that you find a rug that works with the existing décor in the room, adds visual interest and enhances the overall look.

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