Rug Appraisal - Taking You Through the
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Many factors go into determining a rug’s true value. Just like any other work of art, your rugs are timeless pieces thathold worth, particularly if they are antiques or have other distinguishing features. In general, your rug’s value is an estimate of how much it can sell in the market.

What Determines a Carpet’s Value?

A rug’s value depends on the amount a carpet dealer would be willing to offer you to acquire it. This amount depends on different factors, e.g., the condition of your rugs, the material they are made of, the knot count, and even the design. Moreover, how well these factors come together also decides how high a price you can get for your rugs. Let’s take a closer look at all of these factors below.


Factors Considered When Appraising Antique Rugs

· Knot Density (KPSI)

Knot density is simply the number of knots that are found on your rug within a certain area. Pretty self-explanatory, right? This area of consideration is usually an inch in the US; however, it may increase or decrease in other parts of the world. You can even determine the knot density yourself. Simply turn your rug over and count the number of columns and rows of knots you can spot in one inch. Multiply these numbers together, and you have the knot density!

The higher your knot density (or knot count), the finer your rugs is.


· Fine Detailing

A critical factor in determining your rug’s value is the fine detailing present on it. Visuals are everything when it comes to home decor, and this stands true for your rugs too. If your rugs have intricate designs and well-executed patterns, they will definitely be priced at a higher value.

·Materials and Quality

Another essential factor that can increase your rug’s value are the materials used to make it. Wool is the most common material used to make rugs, with cotton following closely behind. But, since their use is widespread, these materials aren’t quite worth as much as a rug made of camel hair or silk. Some modern and transitional rugs may contain materials of bamboo silk (silkette), viscose, jute, or seagrass, as well.

· Historical Value

The last factor is your rug’s age. It is common knowledge that the older the rug, the more it is worth. This is because antique rugs that are in good condition are rare and treasured. The producers of your rugs can also play a hand in how well they are priced. For example, a rug made by a master weaver in the early 19th century will be quite valuable.


Rouzati Rug Appraising Services in Chicago

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