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Find the best Soumak rugs right here if you’re looking! At Rouzati Rugs, we have a beautiful collection of Soumak rugs available for purchase, allowing you to enhance the opulence and refinement of your living area. Intricate Sumak carpet rugs from our collection are painstakingly crafted and created to complement the charm of any space. Continue reading to discover more about our products, including how much these fantastic items cost and where to purchase Sumak rugs.

A Tapestry of History of Sumak Rug

Soumak carpets, often called Sumak rugs or Sumak kilims, have a long and illustrious history. These rugs come from the Caucasus and Persia and are expertly woven by weavers who have polished their trade over many generations. The end product, with each Sumak rug showing intricate designs and vivid colors, is a testament to their remarkable artistry.

Timeless Soumak Rugs: Authentic, Durable, and Affordable

A Sumak rug purchased from us comes with a quality and authenticity warranty. To make sure that every rug in our collection lives up to our high standards, we collaborate directly with reliable sources and talented artisans. We take pride in providing Sumak carpets that are crafted to last and radiate timeless beauty, from the choice of fine materials to the accuracy of the weaving process. Now, you might be wondering how much Sumak carpets cost. Size, pattern complexity level, and the rug’s age are some variables that can affect the price. We at Rouzati Rug are committed to offering our Sumak carpets at fair and attractive prices. Without sacrificing quality, we want to make the process of getting a Sumak rug accessible to everyone. You may buy a Sumak rug from us, knowing that you are investing in a priceless work of art that will enhance the beauty and delight of your home for many years to come.

Own a Captivating Soumak Rug Today

You may immediately embrace the Soumak rugs’ classic beauty and elegance by ordering one from our selection. Elevate your living area with the craftsmanship and appeal of these extraordinary rugs. Owning a Sumak rug has never been simpler, thanks to our amazing assortment, practical purchase choices, and affordable prices. Don’t pass up the chance to decorate your home with Sumak rugs alluring beauty.


In addition to our stunning collection of Soumak rugs, we also offer a diverse range of transitional rugs for you to explore. These rugs seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary elements, making them the perfect choice for those seeking a harmonious fusion of classic and modern styles. With our wide selection of transitional rugs, you can find the ideal piece to complement your unique aesthetic and elevate your home decor. Visit our website or showroom today to buy different types of transitional rugs and embark on a transformative journey of interior design.

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