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Laminate Floors: Introducing the BEST Rug Choices!

Introduction to Rugs on Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are a type of flooring that can mimic the strength and beauty of hardwood floors. They are typically made of multiple layers of material that are fused through a lamination process. Adding rugs to a large area of laminate flooring can enhance its visual appeal. Laminate and rugs can complement each other, and the proper type of rug will not damage your floors. To maintain your flooring in excellent condition, one can use a rug cushion, nonslip liners, or another form of protective covering to prevent issues from arising.

laminate floors rugs

Best Rugs For Laminate Floors

Area rugs, runners, and doormats are often selected for their affordability and resilience, but those with dyes or rough fibers can still cause stains or scratches on laminate flooring. Rugs made of natural fiber, plastic, or other abrasive textures have the potential to scratch laminate. The best choice for rugs on laminate are either handmade rugs, or those with a thin layer of plastic or a smooth backing, and without dark colors.

Laminate floors are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their durability and easy maintenance. However, one concern with laminate is the potential for dyes from rugs to seep through the surface and cause staining. To prevent this issue, using a rug backing can be an effective solution. The rug backing acts as a barrier between the rug and the laminate, preventing any dyes or liquids from penetrating the surface. This helps to maintain the appearance and integrity of the laminate flooring, ensuring that it remains in good condition for years to come.

Rugs Pad For Laminate Floors

An outstanding rug pad can help maintain the shine of laminate floors. Often, a thin rubber carpet cushion is used on laminate to give the rug some non-slip features. When selecting a pad for laminate floors, it’s important to ensure that it is slightly smaller than the rug it will support. This allows the edges of the pad to remain hidden under the rug, preventing any unsightly bulges or uneven edges.

Additionally, many doormats designed for laminate come with an anti-slip feature, typically made of a thin layer of rubber or a pattern of evenly distributed rubber dots. This helps to keep the rug in place and prevents it from sliding around on the smooth surface of laminate. If you are looking for rugs pad, contact our rug sales department in Chicago for any assistance in finding the right rug! Call us at 847-328-0000 ext. 1 or email at [email protected].

Placing Rugs on Laminate

Arranging a large rug on a spacious floor can be challenging. A rug that fits under the edges of furniture can create a seamless flow in the space. You can divide living and dining areas by placing a medium-sized rug in the center and allowing the edges to be visible.

The living room will have a visually impactful area rug placed in the center, positioned between 12 to 18 inches away from the walls and any other obstructions. This placement will create a stunning and dramatic effect, drawing attention to the rug as a focal point in the room. Additionally, to ensure safety and convenience, there should be at least 2 feet of space on all sides of the rug to allow for easy movement of chairs, particularly those placed around a table. This arrangement not only prevents tripping hazards but also enables chairs to glide smoothly in and out without getting caught on the edges of the rug.

Caring For Rugs on Laminate

Many people choose laminate flooring because of its easy maintenance and long lifespan. It’s critical to respond swiftly to spills and mishaps on laminate to avoid damaging the flooring underneath. It is important to deal with any liquid that may have soaked through as soon as possible if a rug is placed on top of the laminate.

  • The first step in cleaning up a spill on laminate is to apply clean cloths to the wet area and press down to absorb as much moisture as possible. Reducing friction on the area could cause the liquid to seep deeper into the laminate. After most of the liquid has been absorbed, you can dab at the area with a clean cloth to eliminate any moisture that may still be there.

By taking these steps, you can effectively clean up spills and accidents on laminate flooring while also preventing any potential damage to the surface underneath.

Click HERE to watch this video to learn more about rugs on laminate floors!

Backing on Rugs – Rubber vs. Latex

Rubber Backed Rugs

Using the right area rug can add warmth and define living spaces in small rooms. However, leaving a rug with rubber backing in place for a long time can cause damage to laminate. Over time, the rubber may leave small wave marks on the laminate.

Rubber-backed mats provide a secure, non-slip area and are easy to maintain, but they may harm laminate. Placing a mat on a laminate could result in the rubber backing experiencing a chemical response, capturing gases beneath and causing stains on the laminate surface.

Latex Backed Rugs

Despite common misconception, latex and rubber are not identical materials. Latex contains plasticizers and is a synthetic liquid, often used as a slip-resistant and waterproof backing beneath rugs. However, this waterproofing also hinders the rug’s ability to breathe. As a result, attempting to remove a latex-backed rug from a laminated or vinyl floor can leave behind a sticky residue or bits of the rug backing.

Waterproof Rugs for Laminate Floors

Rugs on laminate can be a great way to soak up water brought in from outside or from accidental spills. However, it’s important to avoid using rubber or latex-backed rugs as they can trap moisture underneath, which is not suitable for laminate. This can lead to the formation of bubbles on the surface due to the moisture getting stuck between the fake materials and the laminate floor’s coating.

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