About Professional Rug Cleaning Services

As a homeowner, you’ve probably spent thousands of dollars decorating your living space with beautiful fixtures and fittings to make it look absolutely gorgeous. Among these decorative elements are traditional and chic rugs that get the most foot traffic, in your home. This traffic can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust in your rugs and increase the general wear and tear on them.

That is why it’s important to conduct regular cleaning of your rugs. This not only helps keep them well-maintained and looking brand new but also keeps your living space clean and tidy. Getting your rugs professionally cleaned will increase their lifespan and allow them to continue beautifying your homes for many years to come.

Here are some major advantages of getting expert rug cleaning for your home.

1. Extended Longevity

Most people refrain from getting their rugs professionally cleaned because they believe it will cost them a lot. The reality is that expert rug cleaning isn’t all that expensive. If anything, it will save you from expensive repairs and deep cleaning in the long run, which can be quite hefty on the pocket. By getting your rugs professionally cleaning every few years, you increase their lifespan and promote cleanliness in your space.

No matter how much professional rug cleaning services are charging, it will still be cheaper than replacing your handmade rugs due to extensive use!

2. A Healthier Home Environment

Did you know that your rugs’ cleanliness has a huge role to play in determining the quality of your indoor air and overall home hygiene? No matter what you do, dust and bacteria are bound to enter your home through the doors and windows. Most of this dirt accumulates on the rugs, making them dirty and a health risk to everyone living in the home.

When you get your rugs serviced by an expert rug cleaning company, they will be sanitized to eliminate any harmful pathogens. Our professionals will properly clean your rugs to your satisfaction.

3. Removes the ‘Foot Traffic Effect’

One of the worst things that happen to rugs over time is the “foot traffic effect”. Areas of high use on a particular area of a rug end up looking exceptionally worn-out and dirty. The best way to get rid of the “foot traffic effect” is by having your rug professionally clean to restore the unity of its condition in your home.

4. No More Carpet Stains

Last but definitely not least is the benefit of getting rid of all carpet stains on your rugs. If you live in a house with children, pets, or frequently have visitors, you are quite likely to end up with tough stains. By using hot water extraction and organic cleaning methods, professional rug cleaners from Rouzati Rugs can eliminate the following from your rugs:

  • Coffee, tea, soda, and juice spills
  • Ink and wax stains
  • Pet stains and odor
  • Dirt and mud
  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Wine stains

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