Terrific Timuri - 1900s Antique Balouch Rug - Tribal Carpet - 6'9" x 13'6" ft.

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Size: 6'9" x 13'6" ft.

Many women are carpet weavers. The Timuri are known for their elaborate Heart Baluch rugs. Mothers teach their daughters to create rug patterns of their ancestors from wool on portable looms. When the people go through economic hardships, they will sell one of the coveted rugs to buy food. The carpets may also be used as marriage payments.

The Tyemur (or Timuri) are a mixture of Iranian, Mongolian, and Central Asian. They are largely considered semi-nomadic, Aimaq-speaking people of Afghanistan and Iran, fully nomadic before the floods and erosion in the 20th century. This part of the world has been a crossroads of armies, including Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, the British and Russians.

Fair condition! No stains, no odor. Sides and ends original. Contains low pile with some worn sides. As shown in pictures.