Perfect Peshawar - Beige Choubi Rug - Chobi Oriental Oushak - Choobi - 2'6" x 12'7" ft.

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Size: 2'6" x 12'7" ft.

Beige background with a beige border! Accents of green and rust.

This nice Choubi rug has a traditional Turkish Oushak design. Hand-woven in Pakistan.

Chobi rugs are traditionally produced in many regions of Pakistan. The word "chobi" is from the Farsi word "chob" which means wood, referring to the source of its natural dyes. Our Chobis tend to have large geometric floral patterns. They are all hand-knotted with hand-spun wool spun primarily by a drop spindle. Their natural dyes are made entirely from hand-gathered fruits, vegetables, roots, tree barks and dried shells, making Chobis the most labor-intensive of all of our tribal carpets.

Natural Dye Chobis are renowned for their lanolin-rich luster and stunning natural coloring. Their colors range from soft muted tans and browns to rich coppers, deep maroons, and sage greens. Our natural dyeing techniques have been refined over the years to ensure a natural dye that is steadfast, fade-proof and long-lasting.

In perfect condition! All sides and ends secured and intact. Professionally washed and cleaned.