Miraculous Milas - 1850s Antique Turkish Rug - Tribal Carpet - 4' x 5'4" ft.

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Miraculous Milas - 1850s Antique Turkish Rug - Tribal Carpet

Size: 4' x 5'4" ft.

Milas rugs have been produced since the 19th century and are defined by wide borders and small fields. Milas rugs are finely woven and generally small in size. Probably the most commonly known style of Milas rugs are the small Milas prayer rugs, which commonly display the mihrab design. These prayer rugs may be the most well known Milas rugs, but Milas rugs are also made longer, as runner rugs with geometric shapes and floral patterns.

In general, being Turkish rugs, Milas rugs are hand-woven with natural wool fibers and dyed with natural plant-based dyes. Each and every Milas rug is unique and is proudly made in the long-standing tradition of Milas people. There is simply no comparison between hand-woven Milas rugs and machine-made rugs, created with synthetic fibers.

Even though Milas rugs have not been in existence as long as other examples of Turkish rugs, they are still made by families that have been making these rugs for generations. Young women and girls learn the art of weaving at an early age and continue to weave both as a hobby and in order to earn an income, which is easy to do because Milas rugs and Turkish rugs are world renowned for their beauty and quality. Many noted people have admired Turkish rugs, including Marco Polo. The Milas rugs live up to this tradition by displaying the vibrant colours and patterns that make them more than mere rugs and carpets; they are works of art.

Good condition! No stains, no odor. Sides and ends original. Contains low pile - as shown in pictures.

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