Classic Caucasian - 1900s Antique Kazak Runner - Tribal Oriental Rug - 3'3" x 11'8" ft.

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Size: 3'3" x 11'8" ft.

Kazaks are thick piled Caucasian rugs. The Kazaks are geometric in design. They were made in many designs and are among the boldest and most colorful of old Caucasian rugs. Few rugs have a heavier nap of finer wool. In spite of a medium to coarse weave, they have proved to be one of the most durable rugs ever made. Their patterns are generally large. 

Kazaks are one of the most delightful and sought after rugs today, not only by Americans, but by European buyers who come to American in great numbers to seek old Caucasian rugs. 

Fair condition! No stains, no odor. Sides and ends original. Low pile with worn areas. As shown in pictures.

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