Beautiful Bordjalou - 1890s Antique Kazak Rug - Tribal Carpet - 4'6" x 7'7" ft.

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Size: 4'6" x 7'7" ft.

The Bordjalou or often called Borchalu were a Mongol created tribe who settled in the area of Georgia that borders on present day Armenia and Azerbaijan. Bordjalou is the northernmost town associated with production of Kazak rugs. Caucasian rugs from this area often incorporate octagons with latch-hook edges. Borders used include the running dog, the T-Meander and a unique reciprocal arrow border design. The warp is usually light color and alternating high and low due to varying weft tension weft threads are rusty red. Quadruple selvages- wrapped two brown and two red. Often a cross motif is seen.

Good condition! No stains, no odor. Sides and ends original. Contains low pile. As shown in pictures.

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