Beautiful Bamyan - Traditional Rug - Oriental Floral Carpet - 9' x 12'4" ft.

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Size: 9' x 12'4" ft.

The Bamyan Traditional Rugs Collection: Whether you are new to handmade rugs or are a connoisseur of this ancient art form, this spectacular collection is sure to impress.

Each rug is hand knotted in Pakistan by some of the world’s finest master weavers, carrying on a tradition that goes back countless generations. These gorgeous rugs are made using only the highest quality materials, including the finest handspun mountain wool and the richest natural vegetable dyes.

The designs of the Bamyan collection are based on Oriental and European traditional motifs. Bamyan rugs are also available in a variety of finishes, including Soft and Medium tones, and each rug is made according to the design specifications.

Brand new - as shown in pictures!