Amazing Afghan - Colorful Kazak Rug - Tribal Geometric Carpet - 6'5" x 8'8" ft.

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Size: 6'5" x 8'8" ft.

The Kazak rugs of this border region are inspired by the carpets of the Caucasus from the 19th and 20th centuries.  The rugs take their name from Kazakh, a small town in North West Azerbaijan, which was once a weaving and trading center for Caucasian rugs. 

Faithful to color and design, the Kazak rug weavers also go to great lengths to reproduce the aged look of the original works.  The wool is tightly spun before knotting is commenced, thus giving a dense but flat and thin finish, which is otherwise achieved through years of gentle wear.  In addition, a soft abrash effect is employed during weaving and a special wash at the end of the process leaves a beautifully soft look to the rug.

Although exported from Pakistan, these rugs are usually woven by Afghans. Throughout the nineties, many Afghans fled from the oppressive Taliban regime into Pakistan and the border region of North East Afghanistan. As a result, many thousands of skilled rug weavers found themselves in Pakistan, In comparison to their former home Pakistan offered more resources and materials used in rug making. Improved access to western markets made their rugs easy to trade.

Afghan weaver who previously would have woven in two perhaps three colors (usually deep red, black and grey or white) were able to embrace new methods and resources and the result has been phenomenal. This influx of weavers has been instrumental in bringing Kazak rugs to the forefront of the global rug trade, along side the Ziegler carpets which are woven in the same area.

Good condition! No stains, no odor. Sides and ends original. Contains medium low pile. As shown in pictures.

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